Let our staff be your staff

Let our staff be your staff and our office be your office

Established in 2014, The Edinburgh Office (a trading name of Registered Office (UK) Ltd) has established itself as a leading virtual services supplier in London, Edinburgh. The mission statement when starting was simple, to offer a good, reliable and cost effective service with professionalism yet keeping it personal. We understand being one ourselves that small to medium sized businesses need an individual understanding from its suppliers and not a one service fits all approach.

Our staff are there to help when needed, otherwise we will remain behind the scenes delivering your mail and taking your calls, so you can dedicate your time to the tasks at hand knowing we are there working hard for you. Since starting with a single office in London we have grown to 6 offices with 2 more in the pipeline for 2018. Our client base is diverse with clients from all over the world using the safety of a UK company to trade nationally and internationally to national chains of accountants.